Ultra light knee protector "Knietec"

Ultra light knee protector "KNIETEC"

The comfortable padding consists of fluorocarbon- and cadmium-free low density polyethylene foam. The stain-free, white non-slip protection made of extremely abrasion-proof low density polyethylene (which does not leave rubbed off parts on sensitive surfaces) and the individually adjustable rubber strap. Wearing a knee protector means significant relief during kneeling activities, even during longer periods of kneeling. And it only weights 65 grams!


Major characteristics:

Stain-free, extremely abrasion-proof

non-slip protection                                                                               safe


Cost-effectiveness                                                                       profitable


Individually adjustable,

numerous applications                                                                functional


Premium quality product                                                 made in Germany


Ultra light, fluorocarbon- and

cadmium-free                                               skin and environment friendly


For this ultra light knee protector our company obtained a legal protection for registered utility models from the patent office in 1998 with the name “KNIETEC” being a registered trade name.