Knee protector "UNIVERSAL" (DIN 23311 standard, certification to DIN EN14404 completed soon)

Knee protector "UNIVERSAL" with black pads

Knee protection plays an important role in mining and other kneeling occupations (e.g. floor tiling, floor, payment, parquetry, stove fitting and carpet tiling) from the medical point of view. Not using knee protection means that the sensitive hollow spaces between the joint capsules which are filled with synovial are constantly pressed together and this will lead to chronic inflammation of synovial bursa in the knee. Lesions of the menisci or torn ligaments are another consequence of serious knee strain.

In former times, however, knee protectors (e.g. made of rubber) used in mining were quite problematic, because coal and stones could penetrate into the open space between padding and knee while kneeling down.

The company “Paul Ködding” succeeded in developing the useful and comfortable knee protector “UNIVERSAL” consisting of two connected halves (made of nylon, colored cadmium-free since 1992 as a contribution to environmental protection). It’s padded with a soft, skin-sparing rubber pad preventing penetration of small coal particles and stones that may lead to injuries or at least to work interruptions. This protector provides absolute comfort while kneeling or walking and prevents bad blood circulation.

For this knee protector “UNIVERSAL” our company obtained a legal protection for registered utility models from the patent office in 1975.


The following versions of the knee protectors are possible:


1)                Especially in civil engineering and over-cast mining, but also for outdoor kneeling activities of other professional groups (e.g. patches, gardeners, etc.) our orange knee pads "UNIVERSAL" with a black pad are recommended.


2)                For kneeling activities on light and sensitive soil (e.g. tile, parquet layers, stove fitter, carpet flooring, and interior designers) the orange knee pads "UNIVERSAL" with the spotless white pads fit the best.


3 / 4)  While kneeling on a wet surface (e.g. concrete floor-installers) a lower leg protection is recommended in order to avoid wet cloths. In that case our orange knee pads "UNIVERSAL" with a leg-extension (with either black or white pads attached) are the best choice. A smooth rubber flap extends our product for 22 cm. It is fixed on the lower leg.


5)                The black knee pads "UNIVERSAL" with a black pad are especially recommended for mining underground. This antistatic product prevents sparking and any possible methane gas ignition.


6 / 7)  The knee protector "UNIVERSAL" as a half-shell can also be ordered with black and white pads attached. Our customers requested a one-piece knee-pad (half shell) for activities where they permanently change between kneeling and standing work.