Products for knee and full shin protection with premium quality


Paul Ködding primarily stands for quality products! We offer a broad and professional product range that meets the highest quality standards. Rely on our proven production methods: the production is automated highly, but in addition every item is tested manually to guarantee our high standards.

All the products listed below are sold under the protected trademark of “Ködding Professional”, a name which stands for strong competence in knee and shin protection. Since 1994 this “personal protection equipment (PSA)” has been bearing the CE mark representing harmonized European standard including safety technologic requirements that have to be met by all member states of the European Community.


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Knee protector "UNIVERSAL" with black pads


Knee protector "UNIVERSAL" (DIN 23311-2, certification to DIN EN14404 completed soon, in the left image with black pads attached): by wearing our knee protector during any kneeling activities, whether at work or at home, you feel safe and protected, the pressure on your knees is reduced significantly, and you feel a noticeable relief, even if you use them permanently.

In the pictures below you see the "UNIVERSAL” with a white slip brake and equipped with black pads (anti-static). The knee protectors are also available with longer extensions, with black or white pads.

knee protector "UNIVERSAL" as a half-shell with black pads

The knee protector "UNIVERSAL" as a half-shell can also be ordered with black and white pads and is often used for activities where it is necessary to frequently change between kneeling and standing work.


knee protector "UNIVERSAL" as a half-shell with white pads
Full shin pad with foot protection


Full shin pad (DIN 23 327, both with foot protection (for shoes, see picture left)) and available in the standard version (white) and as anti-static version without foot protection (for high boots, see pictures below from left to right). All versions are in two different shin lengths obtainable: Size 1: 215 mm, size 2: 245 mm).

This product is recommended for all activities, where the lower legs ideally should be protected. Because of the low weight and the excellent fit you won’t feel restricted in any way during your work. Instead you will receive a pleasant sense of security.



Ultralight Knee protector "KNIETEC" with white pads


Ultralight knee protector "KNIETEC"(in blue with white or black pads (see picture below)) Our "Knietec" product addresses the consumer groups in the hobby, garden and leisure sector, but is also excellent as a professional protection for many other kneeling activities during work.

Ultralight Knee protector "KNIETEC" with black pads