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Terms of delivery and payment

If not stipulated otherwise and requiring our written consent, the following conditions will apply:


§1 General conditions:

The buyer will accept our terms of delivery and payment when placing the order.


§2 Delivery:

The prices mentioned in our price list for “full shin pads”, “KNIETEC” and knee protectors are ex works D-44653 Herne plus VAT.

Delivery times are subject to correct and timely delivery determined by us, unless the seller accepts firm delivery times.

Unpredictable conditions, particularly force majeure, will release us from delivery or allow for a longer delivery time. All complaints have to be handed in within 8 days.

We reserve ourselves the right to deliver COD to unknown customers.


§3 Payment:

Payment will be effected after receipt and accepting of the goods without reduction, if not stipulated otherwise. When payment is due we will have the right to claim 1% of interest for each following month.

In any case the goods will remain our property until they have been fully paid and during that time they may not be sold to third parties. We will be entitled to reclaim the goods delivered without giving the debtor a period of grace, if he/she goes into liquidation, unproductive levy is executed, he/she is under trade supervision or takes an oath of disclosure prior to payment of invoice.

Acceptance of bills of exchange (promissory notes or trade bills) will require our preliminary consent. Payment by bill of exchange will not be accepted as cash payment and no cash discount will be allowed in this case. Bills of exchange will be realized at best for the customer’s account. The buyer will bear the discount charges.


§4 Place of jurisdiction:

Place of jurisdiction for all litigations between the parties, even for legal actions concerning bills of exchange or cheques will be D-44653 Herne.