Welcome to Paul Ködding: work protection equipment


The company “Paul Ködding” has more than 60 years experience in developing and manufacturing work protection equipment for knees and shins. Our products are used in open-cast mining and civil engineering in the professional production of the following resources:

• Element raw materials (e.g. ores, salts)
• Energy resources (e.g. crude oil, coal) and
• Property resources (e.g. precious stones).


However, tillage professionals are among our satisfied customers, such as:
• Tiling
• parquet layers
• stove fitter
• Carpet Publishers
• Interior
• Pavers
• Gardening
• and much more.


We manufacture our knee pads and full shin pads in factories in Aachen, Dortmund, Herne, Mannheim and Solingen. We are very proud that we built strong customer and supplier relationships in the last decades, and also our stuff is loyal for decades. Our traditional family business is successful in the second generation, and third generation is already introduced gradually in the business succession.
As a premium provider of high-quality and famous brand products, we not only enjoy an excellent reputation in Germany, but also in over 25 countries in and outside of Europe (e.g. Russia, America, Canada, South Africa etc.).
Probably you and your company will join our very loyal customer base soon?
Take a look at our product page to inform yourself or contact us directly if you need detailed information about our products and how to order them.
We’re looking forward to get in contact with you!